Wednesday, August 18

90 Farming and More!

Today... was a day of a an amazing milestone. When I said, at a farm, that my farming level was 90, someone replied - "nerd". In essence, I shouldn't be happy about that, but what it comes down to is that someone is regarding my level as a matter of difficulty. Yeah, that number 90 looks incredible in my skills menu, I'm so happy!

I decided to do a few more dungeons and reached level 71, at this level, i'm assuming i'll be able to reach at least one occult floor, which is great. While I was in Daemonheim, I customized my ring of kinship to be a gatherer, I get 20% more resources and it only cost like 150 tokens. I would be stupid not to do it. I'm really excited for the new rewards to come out. I bought everything I wanted, except maybe an Eagle-eye Kitesheild.

At a recent ge trip, I sold a lot of stuff, and got my cashstack to 5m. I think when I run out of cadantine and pineapple seeds in the near future, i'm going to start lantadymes and papaya trees. Papayas will cost more, but the exp is a lot better. Also, i might stop farming watermelons, as the exp isn't great and I think i'm losing money by farming them. I've been using a dreadfowl for a +1 farming boost, that way I can assist people with starved farming effigys. I also started doing the Jade Vine again, as I like the farming/slayer exp. Unfortunatly, after I planted the seed and tried to magically fertilize the patch, i got this message:
That's another dead crop for sure -_-.

Also, monday morning was bringing me internet troubles, so I decided to make some graphics for this blog. I think the new look is really sweet! Later that day I got 1k maples and got 80 firemaking casually, between mobilising armies and catherby(which sucks for firemaking). In the far future, I see myself training for the inferno adze, because in looks and function, that item is really 1337. It's not on my priority list anytime soon, however!

Later, towards the evening, my friend invited me to his talking clan. It was fun to chat there, and it helped me get my agility done more easily. Last night, I moved my objective meter up almost 20%, which brought the bar to 55%, and my agility level to 78, which adds up to over 140k exp that night! Phew! I liked it for the most part, but I get really sick of the atoll after a while. Me and my friend tried to do clan barbarian assault to fill our horn, however there were only 3 people from our clan, and finding a team turned out to be a nightmare, and it was a waste of time. Bottom line - BA is shit unless you're with 4 other friends, and even then... It's still shit. When I think about myself training agility last night and how hard that level was. I can't help but think of how quickly and effortlessly i got 80 firemaking. It just goes to show how certain skills are much more prestigious than others.

I leave you today, with this glorious picture:

Happy Scaping! ~ Granite

Monday, August 16

A Void Dance

The night that I say this new quest on the homepage, I was very tired after work. I just logged on that night to do a quick farming run. I wanted to save the experience of doing for the weekend, where I had a lot of time to actually appreciate the quest, and stuff like that.

So, Saturday I started part II in the new Void Knight series. I went into it with no guide, besides clicking the 'items needed tab on the start page. Earlier in the week, a friend private messaged me about the 'barrel puzzle' and asked if I had done it yet. I told him I hadn't, but since then I anticipated a very hard puzzle. I thought the dialogue in the quest was really well done. It was interesting and easy to follow. I picked up quickly what the quest was about, that is, a small search party going into the mainland in search of the escaped pest. There were certain things about it that I liked, and others that I though were bullshit.

Firstly, I felt like there was a lot of detail added to the quest that was completely unnecessary, for example, finding the key in the piles of junk, fixing the wall in musa point, or even doing a 'fancy' clue scroll. These were added in I think to make the quest seem longer and more droned out. The Falador area clue scroll was really fun to do, but I don't feel like it tied into the story enough.

I really liked the barrel puzzle. Yeah, it was hard, but not at all what people i've heard describe it as. I took me about 30 minutes to do, and each attempt was bringing me closer to solving it. In all honestly it was a really good puzzle, but lets say I wouldn't want to have to do it again. The chemist's house was fun as well, and I enjoyed reading all the dialogue, which was actually rich in story. Actually, I had trouble with the chemist's house. I though the machine was a lot more complex than it really was, in fact I had to read the instructions over 3 times! XP

I kinda wish I took more screenshots, but the quest was intriguing and I wasn't thinking about the development of this blog. One part during the clue scroll brought me to a mining site west of falador, I had never seen it before, nor even prospected the rocks to see what ores were there. I noticed that it was really empty, but it looked like a good mining spot. I'm going to scope it out next time I want to mine.

The pest you find at the end in the cage looked like jar-jar binks on heroin. I mean really, what was the deal with it being tied up, and wtf was that purple liquid. I still don't understand what he boxes are, or why there was purple jelly in them, and I don't understand why the Kinshra wanted a pest. Not to mention, that boss fight was shitty and completely unnecessary.

I felt like this quest was solved in a way that opened up more questions, and more mysteries. I liked playing it a lot actually, even though it took me almost 4 hours to do. I let the pest loose at the end, but hmm, i wonder if that desicion matters in the future, Korasi did mention that it might have been a bad idea. I still have the hunch, that Sir Tiffy, being the brave old man that he is, will die in the third chapter of this series. Maybe he will fight the Black Knights himself and be a hero or something.

The fact that there was a choice at the end of the quest was cool in my opinion. I wonder how much it will affect the storyline of the next quest? Maybe I made it a lot harder for myself when I let the pest loose, hehehe!
That quest was all I did in game on Saturday, I liked the experience that I got from it, it was really nice to get 73 herblore from the 10k exp from the quest, I had like over 9.5k, so that worked out perfectly!

Sunday, I woke up and did my 31337 farming run. I remember the farming run going well, like many of the others, and I remember a smooth transition into dungeoneering. I got a a spontaneous level 81 defence, in the midst of soloing small dungeons from floors 18-21. I then jumped into another quick herb run. At the begining of this day, i've looked at my farming exp and though i'd reach 90 by tuesday, but it looks like if I keep up consistant herbs runs, I could get the level on monday, we will see...

Than I was doing the distactions and diversions for the week, and saw someone offering 99 crafting assist in edgeville bank, I almost forgot about my long time requiem for 97 crafting, so I let him know and quickly got my dragonkin lamp, I used it on prayer, which gave me 19k exp. Additionally, i redeemed 16 penguin points using NPC contact and got even more prayer exp. Currently, i'm 19k from level 74!

Then, my friend who met like a week ago pmed me about agility. When I met him at ape atoll, he was level 77. He had just informed me that he got level 90 that day! That was really impressive and it inspired me to train my own agility. I got level 77, and went a little further until my objective bar hit 37%. I really enjoyed it, well towards the end I was getting a little bored, but yeah, if I do another 13% on my objective tomorrow, i'll be half way there.

That about concluded my day. I was on Regular Magic, due to the ape atoll teleport, and that really fucked me over during my farming run. I'm so used to putting seeds down and then casting fertile soil, but it was to be vise-versa when using buckets of supercompost. Haha, whatever shit happens.
Mmm, I guess thats about all that happened this weekend, finally I have some time off to just chill and play some runescape!

Happy Scaping!

Tuesday, August 10

Goal Progress

Lumbridge - Morning in Castle Town
This week in Runescape I basically pursued my goals that I set at the beginning of this month. I like them so far, and most importantly I think they are very reasonable. Sometimes it can be hard to set a time constant for a goal when you really don't know how long it will take or how much you'll be playing. In fact, one of my main goals 90 farming, stopped seeming like a goal, when I hit 89 yesterday. A real goal is more of a challenge, so I think that 91 farming will be a real accomplishment to get by the end of the month!

I got 89 farming at the tree gnome maze fruit patch. It's so weird, i've gotten almost every in the 80's there. It seems like such a strange coincidence! That was nice, but i'm really stoked to get 90, i feel like that is somewhat of a milestone in a skill. Now at 89, i can boost to 93, which is helpful, but nourished effigy sgive a maxium of 20k per day, and starved were giving me 2 x15k exp. I'll assist for 93 when i'm in a rush or there is a lot of competition in the cc. In fact I did that today with a gentleman at mobilizing armies, and got my self 400k from level 90 farming! I also got a bit of help with my own effigys from fellow clan members.
I've also done a bit of dungeoneering recently, as I want to reach some occult floors when they come out before my next reset. At this point, i've stopped training for exp or tokens. Of course I love the potential rewards and am very happy that I can get them, but I just train it for fun with some friends every once in a while. I set up routine dungeons between a few friends, and it seems like we enjoy it unanimously. I mostly possess the M.V.P. rank, i guess because of my frequent resource collecting and processing. At this time, i'm at floor 18, which is unfortunately past many of my friends limits. I guess i'll be soloing a lot of meds as I go deeper, and maybe to some larges with strangers at the deepest of floors.
This felt like a awhile ago, but I was so happy when I got level 70 dungeoneering this week! All my skills were officially 70+, it felt great. I'm nearing 71 now, and my Tears of Guthix exp, went to hunter instead of dungeoneering - w00t!
As for my other main goal of august, 80 agility, i'm really enjoying it so far, at around 16% of my objective, i got level 76 and continued training until i reached 20%. Even though I did this in one Sunday afternoon, I think it will actually prove to be a challenge this month, as I have plenty of other activities and tasks to keep me busy! I met a kid going for 99 agil and we raced around the Ape Atoll course. I was so much fun and racing made us do really fast laps. My final goal in this skill will be 86, and i'm planning to switch to Dorgesh Kaan at around 82. I'll be able to boost for the agile top and do mostly everything in agility.

I liked seeing Full of Pie's achievement column on her blog, so i'm going to copy her and make one on mine. Also, I thank Full of Pie for adding to her bloglist. I feel really good to be on a blog list with so many other amazing bloggers, it is a privilege.

During a penguin Hunt, a guy with a farming cape sailed behind me on another carpet through the heat. God I love that cape, but to be honest, i hate the robin hood hat he wore with it.
My real life job was just for the summer, and ends on friday, so i will have a ton of more time to play this month, and relax in general. I loved my job, but it took a lot out of me, being a camp counselor is tiring and stressful, but i'll miss it a lot!
I walked through the gates of Relleka, it was a brisk walk and a chilly north sea breeze blew on my face. Hardened merchants congregated in the market and the smell of seafood filled my nose. A Captain tended to his small ship on a crusty wooded dock. I slip into the local seamstress' shop in search of some fine woven boots. I warm crackling fire drew me inside with an inviting glow.

Happy Scaping, Everyone! - Granite

Wednesday, August 4

August RuneScape Goals

I'm hoping to be able to create goals for myself and announce them at the beggining of each month. I'll make them with the intention of completing them by the start of the following month, and gauge how much time I can dovout to RuneScape before I set them. August has already begun, so I present my goals for the month, with a description of each.

Main Goals
  • Level 90 Farming
I think this is reasonable progress towards my ultimate goal of 99 in the skill. Since I just got 88, i'm estimating this to be about 1m exp. Hopefully i'll go over, but getting this skill to 90 will be my main achievement of the month!
  • Level 80 Agility
I am currently striving to acquire the agile armour, some of the coolest gear in the game, in my opinion! At level 85, i'll be able to boost to 90, so I think that level 80 (from 75) is a very reasonable goal for the month of August. I'll be using the Ape Atoll agility course for all of this, which I don't mind too much, as I find the skill to be relaxing and fun.

Non Skill Based Goals

  • Complete the entire Karamja achievement diary
This is the last diary I have to complete at the moment, besides the Ardougne Elite. I have all the requirements, but I was holding it off because I was planning to go all the way to Jad for the 'Ket-Zet task'. Now that I no longer have an urge to kill jad, I should have no problem reaching and killing on Ket-Zet.
  • Reach floor 34 of Daemonheim
Even though i've already reached 35, I read about Jagex releasing 'Occult floors' delving deep down to floor 47. I want to complete all the floors before this so I can unlock some Occult floors when they are released in-game. I don't have a certain level I want to acheive, just doing floors for the fun of it. Stoked to be doing big dungeons with my friends, it's so much fun with them, and without, it's also a great way to meet new people.
  • Achieve 225 Chompy kills
I really want a Woodsman Hat to go along with my farming farming cape. I like items like this. Things that take skills, time, or can't be bought. I think the green, 3-feather hat is really pretty and elegant looking.

  • Level 81 ranged
  • Level 77 slayer
  • Level 80 firemaking
I'm either really close to leveling these, or just think it would be cool to have that level. For the time being, none of these are high on my priority list at all.

So far this month, I reached 88 farming! I got over 100k exp in one day and I wasn't even playing that much. Farming is such a cool skill. I mean that when I say it. Everytime I go on a farming run a learn something new about it - true story! There is always room for improvement, and that is beautiful.
Also, I found this clan called Assist Clan on the forums. It's a great clan where people come seeking and offering help with effigys. I summoned forth a Stranger Plant and it helped me assist two gentlemen with Starved Ancient Effigys. It was awesome! I got a free 30k exp and and two people happy! I felt so good, and weird to get that much free farming exp. I think i'll be using that ClanChat every day I log on! ;)...
Until the next time - Granite

Sunday, August 1

End of July - Dunj, Farming, and More.

Lately, my posts have been infrequent. The truth is i love this blog, and I love making nice long, detailed posts, but i don't have much to write when i'm barely playing runescape on weekdays. Actually, I could write about anything in runescape, not just my character. However, when I only have enough energy to play for an hour per night, i would prefer to be playing the game, not writing about it.

Ah, It's saturday, which means i'm well rested, and stoked to write about my adventures this week. As always, i've been doing constant farming runs. In fact some nights this week farming is the only thing i've done on runescape. It's not the kind of skill that you can constantly train, so I always have another objective underneath all my farming. Previously, it was 75 agility, this week, i've been working towards 70 dungeoneering.

I started my objective by going to world 117. It's become the unofficial dungeoneering party, and effigy help world. It's almost always full, and was quite a struggle to get in. I found a few parties of five, and we tackle massive dungeons together. It was really taking a while, but when I saw the experience at the end, I was completely satisfied. It was incredible. (Over 36k!)

Dungeoneering is, like many would say, unlike any other skill. At times, It can be seriously stressful. Like today, was my first time fighting Bal'lak the Pummeler. Guthix help me if I ever have to solo him again. That floor brought me to 51% of my dungeoneering objective. Sometimes while i'm dungeoneering, I just want to stop and cut trees in a forest somewhere. I had also done a few large dungeons with four other strangers. Man, they can be fun, but they go on for so long! It's hard to take a break when there are so many people relying on you. Mostly i've been doing medium dungeons by myself. I like how mediums are now available for soloers like myself.

I did a penguin hunt one night this week. I was with a friend and we joined the world 60 penguin hunting clan. It was pretty fun. Like a good penguin hunt should, it brought us to the far reaches of gielinor. I used the exp on prayer, but i might start using free exp on herblore again. I would like both of those skills at 75.

Then I stumbled upon an active obelisk, and did familiarization for the first time in ages! I got me my 60 raw shards which was cool, but really, that D&D is a complete fail.

I was talked to someone at a farming patch this week, who had 94 farming and was, like me, going for 99. We were talking about farming related tactics, and he brought up Calquat Trees. I never tried these before until this week. Upon checking health, i got over 12k exp! I bought 100 of these seeds for 31k each. Thats a great deal considering how much exp they give.

Farming is becoming more of a sink at this point, but i'm still making money from herbs, limps, bushes, and even watermelons, as a use them to make supercompost, which I export to the ge, selling for over 1.1k each.

Today, at floor 34, I reached level 69 dung. I worked out perfectly. I'll be getting the maximum prestige bonus from now on, which is really exciting. I have yet to complete floor 35, but I will later today. I'm 61% to 70 (from 67), i think I could manage around 50k exp tonight. =D

I felt really stupid when I found the picture below. I was saving around 8m worth of crops for another bonus exp weekend. When I saw that at the beginning of this month a JMod confirmed that they had no plans for one, I slapped myself on the head and rushed to the ge and sold almost everything. It felt so could to have a cashstack. It was at under 1k gp before I sold everything. God I felt so nooby. I'm really happy theres no bonus exp weekend planned for the future. They really fuck shit up. I ranted about them in a post a few weeks ago, so i'll leave it at that.

I had a few price check, and ge screenshots, but those are too boring to look at, I already have enough of those in this blog.

I've been farming very frequently and efficiently. I reached level 87! Man, that felt good. I can now say that farming is my second highest skill. It feels great! Anyway, at level 87 with the help of a stanger plant, I was able to boost to 91, and feed my two starved ancient effigies. W00t! Heres a picture of my investigating in action.

During my poorer times, I was almost out of nature runes witch I use vigerously for the fertile soil spell. It's a good thing I had a lot of pure essence, as I was able to craft them myself. I did a few graaks worth, and made about 5k natures. Runecrafting is pretty sweet. I'm almost at level 71. It's a unique skill, and I can see myself training it for a while. Not for any particular level, but just because it's pretty fun and makes tons of moola. Here be me at the after of nature.

I'm contemplating if I will do more dungeons after a reach 70. Not right away, but definitely in the future. I kind of like the skill to be honest. It just gets old sort of quickly, and it's so disconnected from the rest of the game. Farming will continue to 99 and beyond.

I'm not going for 99 farming. I'm getting 99 farming. ;)

Sunday, July 25

Agility and Updates

I actually feel really bad that my last post was over a week ago. I've been reading certain blogs like full of pie's for example and aspire to the consistency of her postings. I like the idea of giving personal updates about every day that I log on. I might start doing that, but I like to take my time with my posts, and writing after a long day of work is really not something I love.
So my last post was about nomad strategies. I was so stoked for the last fight and I planned all my specific strategies in advance. After going in there almost 10 times, I lost a lot of money on potions and supplies, and although I have nothing to show for the money nomad has cost, I gained knowledge. At first, I was going in there and getting instantly mauled, sometimes even losing my whole turtle full of brews, and by the last few times, I was getting him down to berserker stage consistently. I lot of that boss fight is based on luck (Ruby bolt specs, etc…) Anyway, I gave up for the time being. I'm contemplating more strategies, and will probably get 81 ranged before I go in again. I'm thinking at i'll try at him again next weekend.
So after Nomads numerous victories, I was very frustrated. I lost around 5m, a lot of my time, and had nothing to show for it. I thought about this documentary I watched where people go to casinos and blow their life savings. I relaxed for a bit, cutting mages near Lleyta. It was actually, at 92 wc, the first time I ever really cut mages. Truthfully, I didn't like them. The exp was horrible and the profit wasn't even that good. I cut around 400 of these in between farming runs. I got a genie lamp, used it on prayer, and got level 73 at a farming patch. I was stoked!
I wasn't playing much later this week, just logging on to do some farming runs. I was running out of seeds and money, as I refuse to sell my crops until another bonus exp weekend. I reached level 86, and although nothing happens at that level, i got excited, as I thought I would be able to boost to 91 with a stranger plant. This would be great, as I could feed my two effigies needing 91 farming and I could assist for 30k potential exp per day. Since the boost is based on a percentage, it could give me 5 levels as opposed to 4 in the future. Heres a picture of me with a stranger plant summoned. I bought around twenty pouches at the ge and hoped to see my farming skill at 91/86.
I went to check out those new resource dungeons, mostly for the free experience. I found all of them to be in really useless locations. I liked the blue dragon one, as it was empty and I will def be going there next time i need to kill those. The skilling dungeons were useless. Noobs were sitting and the herb spawns, and the mining dungeon with the deposit box was overcrowded. Some of them looked really great, like the outdoor tree spot, but others were bland and useless. I visited all of them with others and the first day of release. I think that some might be great for free to play, like the one shown below, but no members will be using that one. Seriously.

Yesterday was a great day. In my scramble for the agile legs, I trained agility at the ape atoll agility course. I set a crazy objective of 72 - 75 and completed it in one day. "That's over a quarter of a million 0_o" my friend pointed out. It was, just over 270k exp. I enjoyed it to be honest, I listened to music and raced people. I got into the zone of making extremely fast laps. I was realeaved to have completed my objective though.
75 agility brought me a bunch of useless thieving advantages, and not much else. I do plan to get 80 or 81, but i never like to do things all at once, so i'll go back to agility in the near future. I felt so crazy to have gotten 75! Its a great skill, especially now that they added more benifits to it. I love the fact that it doesn't cost anything to train I didn't do any farming today, except one run at the end. I was out of pineapple and watermelon seeds, and I was really broke. Then while I was training at Ape Atoll, I had an ingenious idea. It was to spend all of my slayer reward points on runes.
In this cropped picture of my price checker, you can see how much I made off those. I was shocked!! With all that money, I went to the ge and sold some logs and other random items I had in my bank. The death runes sold immediately at market price. I stocked up on seeds, buying 200 willow seeds, 200 pineapple seeds and 140 limpwurts, all at minimum price. It was great. Unfortunately, I dicovered that when buying at minimum, there is a 100 at a time limit to prevent merching. It didn't affect me at all however, in fact I think it's a good rule that jagex installed.
I celebrated my new acquisitions by going on a huge farming run. I farmed herbs, allotments, bushes, wood trees and fruit trees. I made about 40k experience. Finally, before I logged off, I set my objective for 70 dunj, from 67. It came out to be a whopping 170k experience. I'm sick of getting useless experience at tears of guthix. It is also my last skill under 70, so getting it will be a huge accomplishment.

Happy Scaping! - Granite Ent

Saturday, July 17

Nomad Strategies

Good Morning, and happy saturday! I was hoping to post this last night, but I went out with my friends after work and played some drunken softball, then drank some more beers and smoked a joint in a park in the city. Yeah, It was an awesome night, but I woke up dazed, so I hope that doesn't effect my nomad fight.

Moving on… So this week has held a lot of guide reading and video watching for the nomad boss fight. On my spare time, i've been thinking about tactics for the fight so it gets drilled into my head. I evan anticipated this Saturday morning as the day where the fight commences. Never before have I thought about tactics for a quest on my spare time, nor have I have ever specifically reserved a time to do one. I wanted to remember this quest, and go in really prepared.
This is the gear that i selected for nomad. Ranging gear with a decent magic defence, which is good because all his attacks are magic based. I personally think that an amulet of ranging is a better idea, as his defence is really high, and he will probably hit on you regardless of your defense bonus. That being said, i chose my guthix book over my Zamorak book because of the balanced stats. A lot of people assume the red book is the best. It may be for training, but not in every situation. The gloves and the snakeskin boots are self explanatory. And since I didn't have an archers ring, the explorers ring was my next best option. I just didn't want to have that slot empty.

The ruby bolts (e) are vital to this fight. They decrease his hitpoints by a certain percentage if the special takes effect, which his random. During the max hp -1 attack and during berserker mode, i will switch to diamond bolts (e) as they ignore his defence and won't hurt yourself if the special is activated.
My inventory is basically what you see to the left. However I changed the basic setup since i took the screen shot. In the case of dying, I would want to keep the most value on my. Therefore I will put all 10 of my super restores in my inventory, fill the rest with brews, and fill a turtle with brews, besides two spaces left for a moss titan and titan's constitution scrolls. When those two items come into my inventory, i will know I can dismiss the turtle and summon the glorious titan. I'll be praying Sap Mage and Sap Warrior the whole time, and turn on deflect melee when he goes berserk.

As soon as the battle commences, i will run behind a pillar. this is good spot, as I can avoid certain attacks, heal, and deal with my familiar. I will have 'Take BoB' as the default option for the summoning button, and click it often to minimize my loss on death. I will drink brews when necessary, at the ratio of three brews to one super restore. I think low detail resizable is the best option for the fight.

Writing this has helped my prepare even further for the final battle, It helped my organize my thoughts and stuff. Nomad is the last person standing in the way of my quest cape. It feels so surreal. I'm about to brew myself some coffee and log on for a full farming run, and then prepare for the fight.

To Victory! - Granite Ent

Thursday, July 15

Tired... Yeah, Tired.

It's been more days than i wished for, since my last post, but i've been so busy with my job and other real life stuff that RuneScape and this Blog take somewhat of a backseat. That being said, I thing I've spent the time i've been playing really well (and I foresee a lot more playing time and blogging time in the near future). I've been reading a lot of nomad guides, and watching tons of videos with commentary and such. They've all been really helpful and informative heres a link to one that I found to be awesome: right hurrrrrr

Anyway this whole week has basically been preparing for this epic boss fight as it's my last quest to do at the moment. I got through the entire quest, (puzzles etc…) without the use of any guide, but i would be foolish to attempt this potentially expensive boss battle with no prior knowledge. I've put a lot of weight on this quest in the sence that, it is, my last quest, it is a grandmaster quest, and while i'm super excited to get the quest cape i've worked so hard for, it will almost be saddening to be done with the storyline of runescape as it is known.

In addition to the war tortoise i plan to use for potion storage, i want a moss titan to fight, boost my defense and heal me. I had more than enough charms for three summoning levels, (I did the first around three weeks ago by the way). The cost really killed me. I had to sell my cadantines to earn 2m. I know i said I wasn't going to sell any of my herbs until bonus exp weekend, but I'm impatient and I wanted the cash. After almost 100k shards were purchased and consumed mostly with giant ents, I ended up 10k summoning exp from 79.

Although I had enough charms, I was out of shards, so I calculated that I could harvest 5 penguin points and use them for 10k summoning exp. I did some fun penguin hunting tonight in between farming runs, reached 79 summoning, and spent the leftovers on prayer. I am currently happy to be 43 exp from 73 prayer! The circus was in tavelry this week, right behind my house. I found that to be pretty cool. Here is some pictures of this weeks penguin hunt. I really took my time and used a clan chat. I helped trap a few of them and joined a desert search party. It was really fun.

Located the missing desert penguin. We found it on a huge, beautiful mountain west of Pollnivneach.

And as I predicted in my previous post, 79 summoning brought me to 112 combat, which is i nice number i guess, but 111 was such a cool combat level to have in my opinion! In the middle of my penguin hunt, I used NPC contact to get 79 summoning from chuck, it was really useful. I now have access to the three elemental titans, which are very strong and useful combat familiars. I'll probably be at this level for a while, although I can see benefits of getting level 80 for hydras and those awesome raccoon pets!

Also, on my first farming farm of the day i reached 85 farming. I consider that to be a huge milestone. Seeing 85 farming on my skills menu puts me into slight euphoria. If i'm not mistaken, my next level will allow me to boost to 91 farming using a stranger plant! That means i can investigate two effigies in my bank requiring 91 farming, as well as assist people for a potential extra 30k exp per day! Farming is a popular skill to need assistance in which will work out great for my road to 99.

Nomad will hopefully be fought this Saturday morning, along side a cup of hot black coffee. In my preparation for the fight, i sold all my pouches and extra tertiary ingredients to earn back some money for supplies. Here is some of pictures of my Grand Exchange offers to give you an idea of what I bought.

100 Saradomin brews and 40 super restore potions (not shown). They were insanely expensive, hopefully i won't have to use that many, but i bought a lot extras in case of death. Additionally I got a few dozen moss titans and scrolls, as I plan to use them in other situations besides during Nomad's Requiem.

Besides farming and a few miscellaneous activities and goals that i have currently, I don't really have any skill goals. I would like 70 dungeoneering, but i was hoping to wait for the major dungeoneering pack 2 update scheduled for this month. I soloed mostly until level 66, so i'm kind of hoping to make some epic group raids on high level floors. Also, all of my tears have been going towards dungeoneering, as it's my only skill under level 70. It's ok but i'm not getting any tokens and at the moment tokens are the only real use for training dungeoneering, so the free experience is pointless in a sense.

Anyway, I apologize to my few readers for the lack of posts, but i've been so deaded lately, mostly from my job and other such real life issues. I've only been on to say hi to people and a farming run or two. This has been a nice lengthy post. '(=_=)

Happy Scaping! - Granite