Wednesday, August 18

90 Farming and More!

Today... was a day of a an amazing milestone. When I said, at a farm, that my farming level was 90, someone replied - "nerd". In essence, I shouldn't be happy about that, but what it comes down to is that someone is regarding my level as a matter of difficulty. Yeah, that number 90 looks incredible in my skills menu, I'm so happy!

I decided to do a few more dungeons and reached level 71, at this level, i'm assuming i'll be able to reach at least one occult floor, which is great. While I was in Daemonheim, I customized my ring of kinship to be a gatherer, I get 20% more resources and it only cost like 150 tokens. I would be stupid not to do it. I'm really excited for the new rewards to come out. I bought everything I wanted, except maybe an Eagle-eye Kitesheild.

At a recent ge trip, I sold a lot of stuff, and got my cashstack to 5m. I think when I run out of cadantine and pineapple seeds in the near future, i'm going to start lantadymes and papaya trees. Papayas will cost more, but the exp is a lot better. Also, i might stop farming watermelons, as the exp isn't great and I think i'm losing money by farming them. I've been using a dreadfowl for a +1 farming boost, that way I can assist people with starved farming effigys. I also started doing the Jade Vine again, as I like the farming/slayer exp. Unfortunatly, after I planted the seed and tried to magically fertilize the patch, i got this message:
That's another dead crop for sure -_-.

Also, monday morning was bringing me internet troubles, so I decided to make some graphics for this blog. I think the new look is really sweet! Later that day I got 1k maples and got 80 firemaking casually, between mobilising armies and catherby(which sucks for firemaking). In the far future, I see myself training for the inferno adze, because in looks and function, that item is really 1337. It's not on my priority list anytime soon, however!

Later, towards the evening, my friend invited me to his talking clan. It was fun to chat there, and it helped me get my agility done more easily. Last night, I moved my objective meter up almost 20%, which brought the bar to 55%, and my agility level to 78, which adds up to over 140k exp that night! Phew! I liked it for the most part, but I get really sick of the atoll after a while. Me and my friend tried to do clan barbarian assault to fill our horn, however there were only 3 people from our clan, and finding a team turned out to be a nightmare, and it was a waste of time. Bottom line - BA is shit unless you're with 4 other friends, and even then... It's still shit. When I think about myself training agility last night and how hard that level was. I can't help but think of how quickly and effortlessly i got 80 firemaking. It just goes to show how certain skills are much more prestigious than others.

I leave you today, with this glorious picture:

Happy Scaping! ~ Granite


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